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Hello dear Friends,

... a few years ago a friend of mine, Cinderella (who also gives wonderful Ayurveda massages), gave a small offspring of a medical plant from Kerala/India to me.

Touching the silky leaves of this little plant, it gives off an - at least for me - incredibly gentle fragrance... "taking a break" now offers to me an additional wellness benefit!

As you can imagine, I really like this plant... the way, the names of this plant is:
  • Originalname in Malayalam is NAVARAYILA or PANEERKOORKA
  • English or American folks name it ADJERAN or INDIAN ROCK FOIL
...and if you just smell a bit at her leaves, headaches e.g. just disappear,
   and you immediately feel better.

Well, this "little plant" of course grew, and became a large rank plant, and she "talks" to me :-)

"Look at all my offsprings... my little offsprings... give them away!"

I have been giving away offsprings of my plant for a while... and quite mysteriously...

...due to a large online network, a real huge interest developed, which in the end led me to launch this website together with my life partner.

In the meantime, our litte plant received - with the help of a godparent - the name .

My idea is to share something, and to pass something on to others which I have fallen in love with...

Below you can find my welcome, which I have recorded for you.
  if you like, push the start button (it's in german though)... (2:25 min) cultivate a network thought beyond the virtual world...


I am deeply overwhelmed by the huge feedback, and all you affectionate und great thoughts concerning our .

Thank you so much!

Something really wonderful occurs from it already, as you can see on the following pages...

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